Check our newest report - State of German SaaS Pricing 2023

State of Polish SaaS Pricing

We have partnered with VC fund Innovation Nest and scanned over 300 Polish SaaS companies

We went page after page to see their price point, core value metrics, packaging model, overall positioning, and geographical potential.

From the report, you will learn more about:

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From the report you will learn more about:

What is the price range for SaaS products in various product categories?

Which companies do it well, and who has new opportunities - we're providing case studies.

Does having add-ons allow you to charge more?

Do companies with geolocalization have higher prices?

And a lot more insights on which you can start hypothesizing your new pricing strategy.

State of Polish SaaS Pricing

The B2B Polish SaaS market seems mature now. After years of exponential growth mostly fueled by new clients and internationalization, now is a time to focus on monetization and expansion revenue. 🚀

We are happy to announce that the State of Polish SaaS Pricing report is ready! 

In the report, you will find the opinion of top experts.

Who shared their point of view? 

1. Michał Sadowski - CEO, Brand24
2. Mike Korba - CCO & Co-funder,
3. Marek Kapturkiewicz - Partner & Co-funder, Innovation Nest
4. George Gavrilla - Marketing Director, Survicate
5. Emilia Korczyńska - Head of Marketing, Userpilot
6. Matt Tarczynski - CEO,
7. Maciej Wilczyński, Ph.D. - Managing Partner, Valueships
8. Krzysztof Szyszkiewicz - Partner, Valueships

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