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It's an open secret that every company has a massive growth and profit potential of up to 30%

just waiting to be unlocked. And guess what? We know how to do it.

Let's get to know each other!

Our expertise lies in transforming companies into more profitable ventures.
We evaluate and optimize business models, strategies, pricing, monetization, customer experience, and marketing strategies for various industries, including SaaS, Software Development Companies, E-commerce & Marketplace, Professional Services, Traditional B2B, Private Equity & Venture Capital.Our team of 20+ experts from top product and consulting companies is here to identify and address your most important business challenges.
We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure the organizations build their own capabilities to be independent of us in the long run.

Meet our lead consultants!

Maciej Wilczyński, PhD

Managing Partner, Founder Valueships
Maciej Wilczyński is an expert and PhD in B2B pricing, monetization, and value-based sales strategies.
Through his knowledge and experience, he has generated tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue for his clients. He has carried out pricing projects for companies, including Brand24, subsidiary companies within the Wirtualna Polska holding, Surfer, Survicate, Timecamp, Thulium, Profitroom.
He has conducted hundreds of analyses for both Polish and international SaaS and E-commerce companies. His five-year tenure as a consultant at McKinsey & Company further solidified his understanding of the industry, paving the way for the establishment of Valueships.

Author of pricing reports based on analyzing over 3,000 SaaS companies from European markets.

Krzysztof (Kris) Szyszkiewicz

Head of Delivery, Partner
Certified expert in price, revenue and margin management in B2B companies and e-commerce.
Member of the prestigious Professional Pricing Society. 
At Valueships, he is responsible for the implementation of consulting projects and taking care of the profitability of clients.
Prior to joining Valueships, he worked at McKinsey & Company in the area of ​​pricing and strategy.
We believe in profitable & healthy companies.
Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving both.

How do we work?

We use four rules in our pricing engagement approach.
Revenue Engine Diagnostics
  • The first stage has 2 primary goals:
  • Understanding your current P&L and business situation to assess potential from sealing margin and define quick wins.
  • Forming and documenting initial hypotheses to be tested in weeks 1–2. This provides 1st top-line insights assessments and allows for a calculation of the pricing transformation potential.
Differentiation & Positioning
  • At this stage, we ensure clear price/positioning vs the current pricing corridor. We get to understand the competitive pressure & freedom for pricing changes and tailor initial impact estimates with external market data.
Dollarizing Value
  • Next, we create detailed research output with segmentation data and personas. We focus on primary research frequently conducting in-depth surveys – with both existing and prospective clients.

    We use a proprietary methodology to understand factors such as willingness-to-pay, features distribution, monetization options, and packaging. 

    Our consultants use the workshop-based approach to interpret insights and build recommendations. 

    Then, we can provide the client with the final pricing policy and sales guardrails, and calculate the final estimated impact.
Implementation & go-to-market
  • At the final stage of our pricing engagement approach, we ensure we have a cross-functional team to make decisions – and make “immediate implement-ability” a key criterion for strategy recommendations.

    Finally, we provide a clear implementation roadmap, support, and tools tailored to client needs.

    We also use our proprietary framework to drive the end-to-end transformation.
Our proprietary framework to drive the end-to-end transformation
Step 1 - diagnose
We use quantitative and qualitative research to understand key challenges
Step 2 - analyze
We use statistical methods and data analytics to identify root causes
Step 3 - create
We always collaborate with clients to find the most accurate solution
Step 4 - support
We always support our clients with the implementation to ensure best-in-class results

Let's talk!

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We work for clients from all over Poland as well as abroad. We can arrange a videoconference, talk on the phone or meet in our Wrocław office. However, please email us in advance or contact us via the form.

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