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Transforming Business with Analytics & AI

Start making decisions based on facts and forecasts. Automate you work and introduce innovative ML/AI products.

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What can we do for your business?

Data strategy and value roadmap

Did you know that based on Gartner’s research 85% of AI and ML projects fail to produce return for the business? Most stakeholders report that it’s not technology, but lack of adequate skills and strategy that impedes the success. Let us help you find the right use cases and build a roadmap to transform your data into value.

Build data strategy!
Data pipelines & Business Intelligence

Build a robust data pipeline with a data lake and/or a warehouse at it’s center, as a foundation of your BI and AI initiatives. Make your data an easily available asset that will drive your business. Already having deployed data architecture but it’s performance is falling short of expectations? We can help.

Make data your asset with us!
Advanced Analytics

Have a complex decision to make? Test your hypothesis and answer business questions with data. Advanced analytics is also a good way to validate your data initatives before making more significant commitment.

Answer your questions with data!
ML/AI solutions and AI automation

AI is a big buzzword. Are you ready for it? Most companies aren’t. Let us assess (or find) your use cases and verify whether you have the right capabilities, architecture and data to succeed. You’re there already? Let’s build it! From a PoC to production.

Empower your tomorrow with AI, today!

Our case studies

Dynamic pricing

  • Increase margin over product portfolio
  • Move from manual pricing of over 5k SKUs every two weeks to more frequent, semi-automated ML based pricing system
  • Building a data ingestion layer to transfer data from on-prem Data Warehouse to Hive data store
  • Building a data transformation and aggregation pipeline
  • Creating a ML multi-model system to assess price elasticity of specific product categories
  • Developing a recommendation engine
  • 30+ step data transformation layer using 5+ data sources
  • model deployment framework in order to calculate price elastitcity of product categories
  • Recruitment of a first Data Scientist within the organisation to take over the project after Proof-of-concept phase
Retail store network
1000+ stores
3 sizes format
Dynamic pricing for

5k SKUs


  • Automate forecasting for +10k SKUs
  • Increase forecast accuracy to meet industry standards
  • Design of forecast quality monitoring
  • Creation of transformation and aggregation layers to create data sets for training ML models
  • Creation of containerized ML based forecasting engine with traditional statistical forecasting techniques and modern ML and deep learning models
  • Solution deployed in Kubeflow ML Pipeline (on Amazon EKS)
  • 3-5% increase in forecasting accuracy ​
  • improving full (without human intervention) automation ratio from 0 (fully manual work) to 60%
Pharmaceutical Company
Domain: Supply Chain


increase in forecasting accuracy


of the manual work automated

Advanced analytics

  • Find patterns in application usage data to transform current fixed pricing into usage based one
  • Extract and preprocess over 200M events from application back-end
  • Analyse patterns, seasonalities and gather insights regarding usage trends across customer base
  • Highlight feature importance for different customer segments
  • Inject analysis insights into development of new pricing strategy
  • New usage based pricing increased revenues by 24%
SaaS company
New usage based pricing increased revenues by


Meet our lead consultant!

Daniel Gawłowski

Managing Partner, Founder Nostre
Data Science expert guiding his teams towards excellency both in creating BI / ML pipelines as well as enhancing models' performance to bring repeatable and impactful results for businesses.
Through his professional engagements in consulting at McKinsey & Company, Infosys and in pharmaceutical industry, he has acquired substantial experience in various international projects in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Worked on various AI and advanced analytics projects in areas of forecasting, NLP and BI systems implementations.

Our Approach

Data is tricky. Generating lasting impact is even harder - and most companies fail to succeed with their data projects.
See how we work and help you succeed with your initiatives.
Find out how we do it!
Data is tricky. Generating lasting impact is even harder - and most companies fail to succeed with their data projects.
See how we work and help you succeed with your initiatives.

Core challenges

Incorrect business objectives, insufficient ROI or business cases, improper scope.

You won't know it until you see it. Is it reducing cost? Or increasing revenue? How is it going to affect your business?We need to know why, before going to what. AI, BI and data-driven are great buzzwords, but you don't know if you need them, until you prove that you do. Data can answer many questions – pick only the ones that will drive growth and improve your work, test it before committing. At Nostre, we look for value with data. You should do too.

Wrong/Inadequate skills and project structure

Don't only do – teach. At first, we'll do the work for you - we'll plan and execute. But it's never a one time cost. Plan your expenditures to scale and refine your solution, it needs to evolve. Let other people understand, so they can contribute. To do that, you need the right capabilities and the right team. That's why we don't only design and build solutions – we help you hire, learn and take over.

Inadequate Leadership and Governance, Cultural Barriers to Management

Strategize. Don't plan for your current use case – plan how it will affect your whole organization – think how data can impact different functions and improve their work. Assess how it affects your portfolio of applications. Prepare your solution for current and future needs – it needs to be flexible as the market and your business change. Create KPIs, measure and adjust, analyse on a system level. Have a data strategy.

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