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How (and which) internal data should you use to improve your pricing? You can expect a lot of charts, models, and matrices to help you work on your pricing strategy. 聽

D艂u偶sze copy na d贸艂 odcinka: 聽

Maciej & Kris covered important topics like: 聽

馃憠 What kind of data do you need? 聽

馃憠 What is the first step to analyze the revenue? 聽

馃憠 What key insights can the SaaS companies thinking about changing their prices initially do? 聽

馃憠 Good churn - what does that exactly mean? 聽

馃憠 Where in your database should you look for growth? 聽

馃憠 Why is behavioral economics not good enough to build on your pricing strategy? 聽

馃憠 Why do discounted customers tend to churn at a higher rate? 聽

馃憠 How should you differentiate your plans to get more revenue for your business? 聽

BONUS: Impact matrix. The matrix will show what happens with your churn if you increase pricing by X.

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