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How your brand design affects your customers?


This episode is a must for anyone who deals with graphic design in their everyday work. Together with Felipe Affonso, Incoming Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University, we discuss his recent paper, sharing multiple insights on how choosing different structures for your logo, leaflet, website and other materials, influences your customer perceptions of your brand.

Listen to this episode to:

1. Learn about the influence simple decisions concerning symmetry, proximity, simplicity, and organisation of your contents have on your brand perception.

2️. Understand how you can work with your identity, when working with multiple customer segments, each having different needs and preferences.

3️. Get to know some examples of brands that use the power of design well and those that miss this opportunity.

Paper discussed:

Affonso, F. M., & Janiszewski, C. (2022). Marketing by Design: The Influence of Perceptual Structure on Brand Performance. Journal of Marketing