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How have we boosted the self-governance of Miquido, a top-class software company?

Krzysztof (Kris) Szyszkiewicz
Head of Delivery, Partner
June 1, 2023


Meet Miquido, a Krakow-based software development company with a dynamic team of 275. Boasting a remarkable 4.9 average score from almost 50 reviews on Clutch, their portfolio features notable clients such as Dolby, Warner Music Group, Abbey Road Studios, BNP Paribas, and Santander Bank.

Furthermore, they're actively involved in the local tech scene, hosting industry conferences and meetups, including Meet&Lead, QA fest, and Halo design, and even running their own webinar — AI Waves.

As per their website, they're young, wanting, and willing to change the world. And boy, do they live up to their words!

Working with Valueships was a very good experience. Our collaboration was both smooth and professional. Valueships showcased good project management skills, as they met a very short deadline. They helped us to operationalize yearly strategy which was crucial to achieving our targets. The team was focused on long-term and sustainable results and was very responsive to our feedback. Valueships delivered tailored solutions and brought vast experience in the Software industry. Apart from the main project goal, we found additional insights very helpful; they brought our attention to things we hadn't thought of before.

Jerzy Biernacki, Head of Operations Miquido


In the final quarter of 2022, the company's Head of Operations, Jerzy, sought our strategic support. They had just established high-level business goals for 2023 but needed assistance refining and distributing them throughout the organization to ensure precise progress tracking. It was crucial to understand the difference between leading and lagging indicators to make organization as efficient as possible.


The challenge was figuring out how to ensure everyone in the company was pulling towards the management's high-level goals.

Miquido's leadership aimed to ensure their strategic goals were correctly defined and delegated. As the organization was growing there was a need for transparency and awareness if Miquido is on track versus its strategic long-term goals. Our task was to develop a predictable and repeatable reporting system to allow them to verify the company's direction dynamically and on the quarterly basis.


We spent six weeks working closely with the company’s management, meeting weekly, and going through four stages in our agile workflow.

First, we helped categorize their pre-determined goals for 2023, assigning them to relevant departments in the company. We’ve defined five ultimate business segments and assigned them appropriate strategic goals, which gave the company a bird's-eye view of who's accountable for what. This paved the way for us to break all business goals into smaller teams and more detailed KPIs.

Then we mapped the whole organization, tracking team responsibilities and dependencies to distribute the segmented goals to the correct units. Using the RASCI framework (which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Supportive, Consulted, and Informed), we created a cascading reporting system, with the relevant people from the proper departments reporting progress to their managers right up to the board.

Next, we broke down business goals into smaller KPIs, suggesting metrics that directly and indirectly supported each goal.

For example, if a sales segment's goal was to grow by X, we established a KPI of Y revenue growth from new (hunting) and existing clients (farming). And the example of an indirect metric was increased client satisfaction by Z (measured by NPS), which affects revenue indirectly, as better satisfaction supports increased sales but doesn’t bring profit per se.

Lastly, we helped Miquido implement the right tools for measuring individual goals and set up a reporting process so everyone knows when and how to present results to their managers.

We also devised a company-wide communication plan to address the upcoming changes to ensure that the Board’s intentions were clearly introduced to the company.

Quick summary

Clarified 2023 Strategic Vision

Business goals decomposed into KPIs

Aligned Teams with Specific KPIs

Established Uniform Reporting Structure

Enhanced Board's self-governance.

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