About Us

Valueships is a business, entrepreneurship, start-ups and new technologies related blog. Created by two professionals and enthusiasts, who like to read and write on growth and strategy, profitability and business models, organizational culture and customer experience. No bullshit - pure value.

Filip Załęski

Growth Marketer

Connect awesome skills in growth, marketing hacks, analytics and still, you wouldn’t capture 10% of what this guy is capable of. Filip leads marketing team in Droplr – team collaboration SaaS. He is genuinely interested in working with amazing products that stick with customers. Fully understands customer journeys and its impact on business results. If you’re looking for a data-driven approach towards these topics – he is your walking case studies library.

Maciej Wilczynski

Always struggles to build bridges between products and profit outcomes. Passionate about customer experience, value generation, business models and pricing. Hired by top-tier management consultancy, while finishing his PhD in strategic management. Loves conceptual frameworks and data visualization. If you’re looking for help in getting the right customer insights through marketing research – shoot him an e-mail. Always willing to help.