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Strategy and Business Models

Tailor-made strategy for you

Growth is a part of our DNA. We aim to help our Clients prepare for the future with the most innovative solutions available in IT, SaaS or Digital Industries. Over the course of last year, we helped more than 30 companies with business model optimization including adding SaaS to their offering or finding new monetization options. We optimized several services portfolios and conducted a couple of Commercial Due Diligence to help our Client outpace the competition and become leaders in the market.

Together with our Clients we crafted several long-term strategies that serve as a lighthouse of their daily operations. We can help in identifying organization's North Star Metric and apply it to business operations.

We believe in our knowledge and intuition, but we are only humans. That’s why we back up each of our ideas with real data to prove the concept. This approach has already led to millions of USD additional revenue for our Clients in the last year.

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