Churn Retention

We can help our Clients cut churn in half and significantly increase net dollar retention.


Churn is one of the biggest enemies of every business. Even the greatest customer acquisition processes will not stop a company from failing if churn is very high. That’s why we decided to take a deep dive into that topic as we were working with our Clients.

By working with dozens of IT, SaaS, Telecommunication and traditional companies we could observe how best-in-class companies are fighting against churn and retain their customers happy for years. Based on the insights from multiple industries we came up with Machine Learning churn prediction model that can help to identify churners months before they churn. We benchmarked word-class churn mitigation mechanisms and can now train our clients on churn-prevention mechanisms.

So how much money can you save by preventing churn?

Depending on the initial churn, we helped our Clients to reduce it by 1 to 5%.

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